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Create a facebook-meta account?

Follow the steps 1 by 1, everything is clearly explained

Creating a facebook-meta account is very easy and free. Before you can log in to your personal facebook-meta account, you need to create your own facebook-meta account. (Again the registration via facebook-meta is completely free) Follow the simple steps that shows here and you will have your own facebook-meta account. Creating, registering and logging in facebook-meta is very easy.

Step 1

Surf to, where you will see the facebook-meta window, with the green button "create new account" at the bottom of the page. If the registration or login page of facebook-meta is not in the desired language, you can adjust this at the bottom by means of links.

Step 2

At the bottom of the page you will see the green button "create new account". Press this button and fill in all blank fields with your personal details. Then press the "register" button. Then you need to activate your facebook-meta account via the activation email from facebook. An activation email is an email that facebook-meta sends to your personal email address to confirm that you want to create a facebook-meta account with them. You must confirm this registration email before your facebook-meta account is activated. You only have to do what is requested by facebook-meta in the mail.

Step 3

Once you have registered and activated your facebook-meta account, you can log in whenever you want. You can login to your facebook-meta account anywhere in the world. This is the nice advantage of facebook-meta. You only need a pc and internet and you can log in to your facebook-meta account.

Log in must be done via the official site of facebook-meta. You surf to and see the same window (facebook-meta page), as when registering your facebook-meta account. Now all you have to do is enter your email and password and you can log in or sign up right away.


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